Minx Nail Treatment

Minx Nail Armour is the latest celebrity craze. Minx is a solid nail coating, which is available in over 120 designs. These range from fantastic metallic colours to funky designs, including tartans! The choice is endless. Unlike a polish, there is no drying time and no smudging can occur. Application is
done quickly then you are good to go. No chemicals are used at all in either the application or removal of Minx.
Full Treatment

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Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Bio-Sculpture Gel Nails - Non-chip Nail Colour Gel available in a variety of colours (also clear and French)

Full Set of Gel Overlays
Full Set of Gel Overlays Toes
Soak off and re-apply
Soak off and Manicure
Full set of Tips & Overlays
Single Gel

£31.00 (£2.00 Extra For French)
£33.00 (£2.00 Extra For French)
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Thai Manicure

Pamper your hands & nails with a Spa experience. Relax as hands are bathed, nourished, massaged & painted.

Standard Treatment

45 mins - £23.50
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Hot Mitt Spa Manicure

Ideal if you have problems with peeling, dry nails, or suffer with arthritis. The heat of the mitts push products deep into the skin, nourishing & moisturising hands & nails. To include nail treatment.

Standard Treatment

60 mins - £32.50
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French Manicure

Manicure to include a French Paint.

Standard Treatment

60 mins - £26.75
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Express Nail Paint or Cuticles

Fingers or Toes

Standard Treatment

20 mins - £13.25 (£3.25 for French Paint)
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Nail Enhancements by Creative

Using the most technologically advanced nail liquids. Their function is to provide strength & flexibility whilst keeping the natural nail plate healthy.

Full Set of Nails
Rebalance 7 - 10 Days
Single Nail
Soak off & Tidy
Full Manicure & Soak off

2 hrs - £39.00
1 hr - £28.00
20 mins - £6.50
45 mins - £19.95
60 mins - £27.20
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Foot soak, nail file & tidy, massage, exfoliation & nail paint.

Standard Treatment

45 mins - £25.50
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Thai Spa Pedicure

This is more than a pedicure, it's a spa treatment. Your feet will be left refreshed, revitalised & re-born, using extracts from nature & the sea.

Standard Treatment

60 mins - £35.00
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Pressure points on the feet are massaged, which corresponds to areas of the body, relaxing & re-balancing body & mind & leaving a feeling of well being.

Standard Treatment

45 mins - £36.95
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